The Best Way To Lose Weight In 2 Week Diet

These days spread many ways to lose weight, some of these roads are healthy and others are quite different, has always resulted follow some diets health problems were not present before followed, usually these negative results are the wheel tax to get the desired shortest weight possible time .

Lose Weight Fast
Lose Weight Fast

It is not healthy that man loses more than 1-1.5 kg per week, however, we find the majority of the community is seeking to losing times that figure in the same period, and after weight loss are shocked that their weight returned to increase despite the fact that their eating has become normal, even though any violation harsh diet (erroneous) that followed it will affect faster than before their weight, and this is because the body begins to muscle mass loss after fatty when deprived of the minimum calories needed per day, making the place the muscle mass (which was lost due to wrong diet) ready for a place to store the body converts into fat, and thus the balance of muscle and fat ratios in the body is affected in a negative way.

Usually deny The 2 Week Diet System fast-acting dietary intake of quantities needed by the body of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and this denial of the important elements leads to a marked decrease in the level in the blood later (if the person suffering prevent the intake of animal sources from a lack of vitamin B12, which is not found in plant sources), but avoid falling into these errors must be convinced that the way the progressive down in weight is the correct way that must be followed to maintain the health of our bodies inside and out, and I have reunited in this best of these roads article.

Lose Weight in a healthy way

The highest amount allowed calories per day for an adult is 1000 calories, and on this to lose a girl (age 20 to 30 years old) 0.1 kg per week by making the daily consumption of calories than 2,200 calories (natural amount of consumption) to 1200 price almost heat, as can a variety of meals consumption during the day to be measured portions in the 1,200-calorie limits, and thus lose the excess weight and maintain the internal balance of the body and, consequently, we’ll explain how to apply it.

Check out the calories that are available in the online tables, to take the idea of ​​the types of food and the content of calories, minerals and elements, and thus become able to identify the types of food that contains calories moderately high nutritional value, for example: (instead of eating a piece of Levantine You can eat a meal consisting of grilled lamb and a loaf of bread and you’ll get the same calories almost), so you will feel fuller and you will get the right amount of minerals and vitamins that do not contain a piece a quarter of the amount.

Familiarize yourself to exercise, with the knowledge that exercise for a short period of consistently better than the practice for a long time without obligation.

Mark the presence of a water bottle near you is distinguish you always, to not at your desk is always that you are an employee, or in your hand if you’re a student, and even if you’re at home you can download 2 Week Diet Brian Flatt any application to remind you to drink water to make your alarm biologist your own reminds you of this.

Note: human needs for nearly 21 days to acquire a new habit, The beginning of anything is always difficult in the beginning but the commitment necessarily mean gain the ability to do things.

Department of meals to be taken up during the day (which will be within the 1,200 to the girl mentioned in the example); so that contain 60% carbohydrates (bread, for example), and 25% fat (try to make the source botanically, as oil, for example olive), and 15% protein (try making sources fish or if you’re a fan of chicken and meat eating chicken breast instead of the thigh, or eating beef instead of lamb, because they contain less fat intake, but if you are a vegetarian, try incorporating more than one type in one meal such as rice, lentils, milk ).

Let the period leading up to sleep two hours are free meals, or can eat green authorities, or yogurt with a little citrus, this snack helps to stimulate the hormone that will work while you sleep.

Set aside a day of liquids every three days, this day will help the body get rid of toxins caused by the burning of fat, and that you can allocate one day free a week to eat what you like to be a suitable amount (and not a ready-made foods), and at appropriate times (not should be in the hours before sleep).

You’re not his own diet, type a list of meals you love, and if it contains a healthful foods headed your diet and make the rest of the presence of the free day that you specify.