The best 6 methods of online marketing

Internet marketing is an integral part of any online business, so we thought Lurn Summit would be useful to list some of what we consider to be the most important means and techniques of Internet marketing, which we use here in Digital Business.

Marketing through writing articles

Marketing via writing articles has many advantages. A well written and acceptable article that contains useful information that can attract hundreds of visitors. You can also get lots of external links to your site. As a writer, this increases the chances of people knowing you, and increases the chances that readers will read your articles in the future. Maintaining the length of articles in the range of 400 to 600 words and posting the article in your blog or other popular sites such as news magazines or technology will also increase your chances of success.

Lurn Summit
Lurn Summit

Video Marketing

Video marketing is now an important tool to reach wide audiences because most people prefer watching a video instead of reading an article. Making professional video will not cost you much. Tools like Animoto can enable you to create good and effective video with eCom Crusher presentation and sound effects. Then upload the video file to video sharing sites, such as YouTube, and remember that to improve the ranking of your video in search engines, put some keywords in the title and description.

Marketing of elephants

Avalite marketing is when someone outside the company markets products and services by writing articles and reviews that promote a product or service in the name of the merchant. The most popular marketing opel programs include Amazon Store and Clickbank. From the point of view of online marketers, avallet programs are an excellent way of income. You can easily join such a program, choose the product or product you want to market and start promoting it using the link provided by the network. This link will contain a special number which will be used to track your sales automatically. The Company will then pay you a commission for each sale resulting from you according to the agreed percentage offered for that product in the manner you specify upon subscription. Clickbank gives the highest percentage of products available to it, sometimes up to 75% of the selling price. You can find additional information about the affiliation of Clickbank in other topics in this blog.

Marketing through social networks

Social media marketing means harnessing social media like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Apple, Delicious and LinkedIn, where friends exchange information, to market products and services. YouTube is the most powerful and important tool you can use to market your product. The advantage here is that when a large number of people arrive at the product and find it useful, you will be accepted as an expert in your niche. By the way, you will have a very fast growing up now, and you can get a large number of visitors on its way

Marketing through the Mandates

Cross-forum marketing can be very profitable if used properly. Users are usually in need of help. If you are accepted as an expert in your field, you can profit a lot because users feel comfortable buying your own products or using your services, thus increasing your revenue. Much more than the investment you make in terms of effort and time.

Email Marketing

Email is one of the best and most successful marketing methods ever. Although this technology is considered traditional today, it is still an effective means of marketing the products and services. Although many successful international companies may not use all of the above in their marketing programs, there is not one company at all that does not offer a subscription service in its newsletter which it uses to promote everything, including its pages on various social networking channels. The basic feature of the e-mail is that it facilitates the process of communicating directly with the marketed company and asking for its services or products or inquiring about Is Lurn Summit a Scam, that is, it is an effective means of direct selling. While other techniques are more related to the attraction and drag (to the company’s website) and the promotion and education of a product. The best companies to build a mailing list and email marketing are:


What do you think? Do you use other methods than what we have listed for marketing on the network? Share it with us We love to hear from you.

The Power of Confluence in the Forex Market

What does the concept of convergence or association mean, and why it is so important in the Forex market? In this article I will discuss what it means to meet and why it is so important to explain how to integrate it into your current trading strategy to help you put the odds in your favor.

What is convergence?

Before we go into the details of how convergence can improve your trading, we will first have to understand what this concept means. The dictionary gives us the following definition.

Encounter: is the state in which two things are combined or occur at the same time.

Thus, the encounter essentially represents the coupling of two or more things together at the same time. In Forex trading, we can claim that a meeting occurs when two or more workers are combined at the same time on the chart.

Some examples of these things may come in the form of a major support or resistance level, muffin lines, a sell or buy signal based on price action or even simply having a strong trend. All these things can be called convergence factors. In other words, a strong trend line can be one factor, while a price-based buy signal is another and so on.

Now that we have defined the concept of convergence and how Bitcoin Code Scam can be applied in circulation, let’s discuss why it is so important.

The Bitcoin Code
The Bitcoin Code

Put the odds in your favor

I think I have the nerve to say that continuous profits are the target of any serious trader in the Forex market. So why are there only a limited number of traders who can reach this level? It is all based on the use of the concept of convergence. These traders, who can be counted as winners, have consistently been able to find a way to identify and harness the convergence force in a way that puts the odds in their favor.

The ability to put odds in your favor is the main objective in the trading world. Try to find a way to do it and again and again you will come to a way that will make you profitable continuously. For this reason, the combination of different convergence factors has this important effect.

Convergence can be seen as a way to make the odds in your favor. In other words, the greater the convergence factors at any given time or position, the more likely the price will move in the intended direction.

Put the convergence force into action

This is my favorite part because it enables us to shed light on the power of convergence when linked to a particular trading position. To start, let’s assume that we have a strong bullish trend in a given market. We all know that trading with the trend, or at least resistance, is always a good idea. Here we must remember that the old wisdom that says, the trend is your friend, is quite correct from my experience.

So the convergence factor # 1 becomes the strong uptrend trend.

The second thing that we can see is a key support level just back on the chart. The market may have rebounded from the last high and is now looking for support at this level.

Meeting Factor 2 # = Main Support Level

With all respect for the main support level, price action has now formed a bullish pin candlestick (Pin) from this level. The Pin or Bar-Bar candlestick is a strong indicator that the market has reached a strong top or bottom and is reversing its destination.

Convergence factor 3 # = bullish pin candle

Last but not least, we can notice that the length of the candle candle shadow intersects with the 10 and 20 exponential muffin lines that we use as part of our trading strategy. Therefore, the muffing lines also appear to provide dynamic support in parallel to the main support level.

Convergence factor 4 # = Dynamic support of muffing lines

So maybe you got the idea. The list may expand to include many other meeting factors that will depend on The Bitcoin Code trading method you are using. But the main idea that we draw from all this is that the greater the number of convergence factors we observe in a given trading position, the more likely the transaction will move in the intended direction.

This idea works in both directions. Just as the trading position, which is accompanied by a greater number of convergence factors, gives high quality signals, the trading position, which is accompanied by fewer convergence factors, gives lower quality signals. Here, patience is important and we have the ability to wait until we see the opportunity to trade with four or five factors rather than just two or three.

It is also important to keep in mind that while the concept of convergence helps us to put odds in our favor, it does not in any way mean that a trading opportunity of four or five convergence factors can never fail. Instead you might have to focus on the broader picture. Be aware that if you wait patiently for good trading opportunities, your account will begin to grow in the weeks, months, or even years to come. The process of becoming a successful Forex trader is closer to the concept of a marathon rather than a quick enemy.

Just like in a casino where you do not expect to win each time, you should also not expect to win every deal regardless of the number of meeting factors available. As the casino knows that it will achieve the end of the year strong profits because the possibilities are stacked in his favor, so never start thinking like him by starting to use the concept of convergence to make the odds in your favor.

LearnBuildEarn Review Is Learn Build Earn SCAM Or LEGIT Program?

LearnBuildEarn Review Is Learn Build Earn SCAM Or LEGIT Program? The marketing function is also designed to motivate individuals in a society to purchase diverse products. [1] Marketing is also defined as a set of special activities in companies associated with the sales and purchase of products and services, including marketing to advertise the goods and then offering them to people for the purpose of selling them; Therefore, workers in this field are keen to attract the attention of the public through the use of all means and methods of advertising. [2]

Of other tariffs for marketing is an interactive process based on the pricing of goods and services; in order to promote them, and to achieve trade between traders and consumers, which contributes to the consumer’s desire to meet his needs and needs. [3]

Successful marketing methods

There are a number of successful marketing methods in the business environment of companies and institutions, the most important of which are: [4]

Promotional competitions: One of the most widely used marketing methods, learn build earn download the idea of ​​which is to support the brand in the company or product; by advertising a competition for the target audience. These competitions are linked to the promotion of purchase of products by the buyers in return for certain awards, and thus attracted their attention to the company and marketing them.

Social media: A group of websites within the Internet, which is a direct means of marketing and associated with potential customers, by working to communicate information about them and the company’s products within the social network and its means.

E-marketing is one of the most modern ways of marketing, and is often based on customers who have bought from the company for the first time. Personal information is obtained from them, and then new products are marketed to them. Cellular.

Marketing samples are free samples of certain products that are offered to potential customers to encourage them to buy basic products. Companies that work in the food and household industries usually rely on this method of marketing because they help attract a lot of people to buy their products.

Points of sale: Methods and strategies for the marketing and sale of products, and depends on the promotion of goods in the stores through the distribution of stores and grocery stores, which contributes to reach the target audience of customers the best and fastest possible means.

Customer Incentives: An incentive marketing method designed to motivate existing customers to participate in marketing by attracting new customers in return for rewards and financial discounts.

Learn Build Earn
Learn Build Earn Results

Marketing analysis

Marketing analysis is one of the important processes that support the marketing plan when designing and then applying it. The analysis depends on the following stages: [5]

Market segments: is the first stage in the marketing analysis, and objective knowledge of the means to assist in making profits, forcing companies to work on identifying market needs, and associated with individuals (consumers and buyers) who worked on a variety of values ​​around the sectors in the market, and examples automotive sector; it is keen interested in the evaluation of this sector to study a range of factors or characteristics; it is the most important of the degree of safety, vehicle speed, and value in the market, and other factors, so must manufacturers or imported cars to identify the various Z needs of the people N this sector.

Market outlets: It helps to divide the market into small groups, helps to identify where the target audiences are located, serves and supports investment needs, and identifies appropriate steps to start investing, often based on access to large outlets in the market; Which contains the largest groups of customers, which contributes to the provision of specialized services and products in the needs of those outlets.

Marketing to the public is the way that helps to study and analyze the increase in the number of private companies in one category of customers; that is, offering products and services that are similar to each other, leading to competition among them. By offering them special offers. Examples include telecom companies that have customer databases and seek to customize their own communications offerings.

The success of marketing within a commercial market environment depends on a set of strategies, namely: [6]

Special workshops in services and products: One of the tools that helps to identify the marketing team within the company on the nature of the work, and it is possible to hold these workshops in the main building of the company, or the use of a local educational institutions. One of the benefits of these workshops is to help target audiences to participate.

Co-operative Marketing: This is a session of definition sessions in the business environment, in which more than one company or organization participates in the definition of local business establishments, and a detailed explanation of the nature of all companies, which contributes to building a range of opportunities for cooperation and partnership.

Marketing based on charity events: Some of the strategies that some companies work to implement by supporting charitable activities and events contribute to a better definition of the press and the public and lead to new clients.

Blog Building: A new marketing strategy that helps attract a lot of people interested in learning about the services or products offered through the blog. Blogging on product and service related topics is an easy strategy to help connect with customers.

Marketing Objectives

Marketing seeks to achieve many goals, including: [7]

Apply marketing activities that include building public relations, promoting sales, distribution of products and more.

Support communication with consumers and build value for them.

Promote participation and cooperation between successful companies in society.

Spending money on advertising, and providing products that contribute to the needs of individuals.

Learn Build Earn

Spotting Intraday Reversals

Thanks to the attractiveness of online Nova APP Trading platforms and the availability of advanced search tools for retailers, today’s one-day strategy has gained popularity. Day-to-day transactions are to buy (open a buy position) or sell (open a position) during one trading day on a financial instrument and close the position at the same session. It also means short term trades that are opened and closed within one single trading day. In the case of binary options, it means choosing one of the valid options for less than one day. However, not all trading strategies are compatible with day trading deals. But when it comes to day-to-day trading, identifying setbacks is one of the most effective strategies. There are two ways to determine reversals of the general trend of price action, first by drawing trend lines and second by analyzing Japanese candlesticks.

Identify reversals of general trend lines

Drawing trend lines is one of the most fundamental tools in technical analysis. In line with the classic “trend your friend” slogan, traders are encouraged to set the trend over a specified period of time, charting a rising trend line that links the upward momentum of prices and chart the bearish trend line that links the bearish price peaks. Trend tracking strategies are an effective way to trade. Equally effective is trading the opposite direction, which is particularly useful if you are an investor who likes to speculate in the opposite direction.

The establishment of a trend line is the key to identifying reversals and reversals. Once the direction is determined, the key remains to move ahead and wait for the break of the trend line. If the rising trend line of the downside is broken down and the candle is closed for the time period below the trendline, it represents an ideal opportunity to move forward and establish a sell position in anticipation of further downside. If the bearish trend line is broken to the upside and confirmed by closing a candle above the trend line, Nova Investments is a sign that there is a good place to start the option in anticipation of an additional price rally. Although the idea of ​​waiting for confirmation of candles seems to be useless, it is useful in not confusing the recognition of the reflection.

Nova APP
Nova APP Results

Determination of reflective candles

Determining reflective candles is more complex and requires more practice in the reflective direction because they are different optical patterns. While it is easy to determine a trend reversal that has been accurately broken, gla be relying on candles can be a little harder. The first key to understanding candle strategies is knowing what these candles measure. The candle consists of two basic elements: the body and the arguments. The body measures the closing price and opening of the financial instrument over a period of time while the bulls determine the highs and lows during the same time. Specifically, we will explore the Doji candle patterns that are an integral part of identifying possible reflections.

The most common type of doji candle is a candle that looks like a plus sign (+) or (t). ). Nova APP Trading indicates that the opening price and closing price of the candlestick was almost equal, meaning almost equal to the selling and buying pressure. After the appearance of one of these patterns, one must wait for at least one subsequent suffix to confirm the reflection. If the reversal is bearish, it will be confirmed by a lower candle after the Doji candle appears. Ideally, on the next low candle the sell center is created. If the reversal is bullish, the confirmation will be in the form of the candle that closes higher than the doji candle. “He said. In this case, the purchase order will be created after closing the candlestick higher.

Defining trend reversals takes time and practice, but once you refine your skills and gain experience, there are boundless opportunities for day traders.

Day Trading Forex Market Behaviour

Current technology developments have created a new kind of madness, where anyone with a secure Internet connection can get little training to engage in foreign exchange trading in the Forex market.

Just as the daily trader in the stock market monitors the movement of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Forex market will monitor currency fluctuations in a similar way.

Forex traders aim mainly to use as little as possible of one currency and say, for example, the US dollar to buy another currency, such as the British pound. If the GBP bid falls on the market, in this case it will cost more dollars to buy, so the forex trader hopes to sell the pounds he holds at a higher price than the purchase price. In many respects, this type of trade behavior seems very similar to trading in stock markets where the main objective of almost all traders is to buy at a low price and sell at a high price.

The Matthew Bradbury Aria APP trading process operates according to the supply and demand system. According to the above example, a forex trader may bid $ 10 to buy £ 5.7, while a bounty trader can order $ 11 for the same amount of pounds. If the seller accepts the bid of the buyer, then the trader will hope that the GBP will continue to rise and then when the time comes to sell, he is expected to get a profit more than the $ 10 he paid initially.

Since only registered traders have the ability to enter or access this auction, most speculators on the Internet will trade through banks or brokerage firms. Brokerage companies get commission in return for facilitating trade, and Forex traders should put the cost of this process in their accounts when they calculate the sale offer at the time they decide to get out of their purchasing positions because this will affect the profit margin.

The Forex market is trading more than Trillon dollars a day, and the large size of the market means that you can achieve huge profits and also losses in the same degree if the accounts are wrong. Therefore, trading can not be guaranteed or an easy way to get rich, which requires traders to have a good knowledge and training in how to play in this market. Education programs are widely available, although due diligence must be noted in their evaluation because they vary greatly in quality and price among themselves.

Delta APP
Delta APP Results

Revealed — Million Dollar Forex Investing Mistakes

Often one continues to work in the Forex market without insight. You may not know where your entry point in any region is on the current trend and may even invest in the Forex stock ahead of changes in this trend. Smart Investment means you need to protect your trades by placing stop loss orders. This has to be done before the deal is entered and then there is no room for error or for last minute decisions. A stop loss level is simply simply a predefined point to go out with the transaction when the stock price reaches it.

In other words, a stop loss is like drawing a line on the sand below the stock price to say, “If the share price falls below this line, that means the stock will not go in the direction you expected and then get out of this deal:

This will allow you to protect your Jake Hammel Delta APP trading plan because you stop your losses quickly and thus protect yourself from the human nature that always prompts you to believe that you should be right in all cases.

When you enter the Tadawul trading center, 95% expect to make a profit from entering the deal. However, if the share price reverses your expectations, you may feel the need to justify the decision to buy the stock by keeping it until it reverses and profits. You may have heard that all major investment losses started with small losses. Well, as the arrow continues to move in the wrong direction, your losses are also growing rapidly. That’s why you need to put stop-loss orders – this is like a kicker’s jet seat that tells you when to leave the job.

One of the most frequently asked questions to explain to traders is “how wide is the distance at which I place the stop order?”

In other words, how much space should I give the stock to move? In fact, there are no definitive answers to this question because it depends on the time frame you use in trading. If you are trading in the short term, the stop loss order should be placed close to the current stock price. If you are trading in the long term, you will have to give the price of the stock more space for the movement and thus put the stop loss somewhat away.

Once you have defined the time frame you are using in trading, you will need to be able to exclude market noise (volatility) within this specified time frame. You are not forced to get out of the trading center just because the stock price moves slightly in reverse of the expected trend due to normal market volatility.

In fact, many of the losses occur only because of the narrow stop orders.

First, you will reduce the confidence in the trading system because of your early and frequent exit.

Second, and perhaps more important, is that you will significantly increase transaction costs which are in turn a large part of the expenses you incur during forex trading.

To give yourself the full opportunity to duel in this market, you must trade using a system that does not force you to incur the costs of brokerage services frequently. This may be the main reason why I recommend forex traders to develop a trading system that works more in the long term. By choosing the right trading system and reducing your investment risk, you are on your way to maximizing your profits.

Epix Trader APP Is Epix Trader Software SCAM Or REAL?

Epix Trader APP Is Epix Trader Software SCAM Or REAL? Most traders risk entering the forex market without sufficient experience and sometimes without experience. This leads to painful results such as loss of most capital as well as the frustration caused by rapid failure after the person believed he had discovered an easy way to make money and so on.

The first thing you should be aware of is that there is no easy way to make money in this world. Like any other area of ​​life, the big rewards do not come before you master the work, which means you always need to work hard. You need to have a good education and experience before you can gain the profit in the Forex market, which is the key to controlling it in commitment, patience and discipline.

Well, you choose the decision to trade in the Forex market after seeing multiple ads highlighting the ease of making money in the Forex market. You may think that the time has come and the opportunity has come to achieve financial freedom. Since the time for you is worth money, why wait as long as the door is open for you to seize the opportunity. I know perfectly well that I have already passed it but you have a better chance now because I will tell you what no one told me when I was in your place.

We, as Forex traders, do a number of transactions based on a set of rules and these rules in turn are the so-called trading system. Our systems tell us the right time to enter or exit the market in order to make a profit (meaning buying from the bottom and selling from the top)

Making a trading system is the first and big step that you should take care of before anything else. Why is this so important? Because you need to build a trading system that suits your personality, otherwise you will find it difficult to track it and then make it difficult to make a profit through Epix Trader. The trading system may depend on the technical indicators or what we call the mechanical system or depends on experience and intuition, which we call discretionary systems. I personally recommend using and testing the mechanical system at first because discretionary systems are dangerous when used in the early stages of Forex trading (may lead to lack of discipline) but with the experience gained in later stages you will begin to distinguish between trading signals that may work and those that are best Avoid them.

Epix Trader
Epix Trader Results

The next step in learning Forex is to try trading on one of the demo accounts. Most forex brokers offer demo accounts, which are trading with virtual funds. This is an excellent opportunity to test your trading system as there is no risk of loss in this case in this step will discover whether the trading strategy will work with us or not. If you feel comfortable trading with this strategy, this will probably lead to positive results. What time should I stay with him in this step? It is different, but in any case you should not go to the other step before you make sure your trading system achieve stable profitability results within a sufficient period of time. It may take many months, but remember you need to be patient all the time.

You need to be honest with yourself; you need to take every trading signal that is shown by the Tadawulk system, not just the signals you believe in success, otherwise you will have difficulties in the next two steps.

Well, after you have achieved stable profitability results on the demo account you may fancy that you can go to work at full capacity. No, there is a big difference between trading on the demo account and using the real account. The most important difference lies in feelings (fear, greed, anger etc.) There are always psychological barriers affecting every decision taken by the trader regardless of what is trading (stocks, bonds, forex, futures contracts, commodities or others) These poetic factors in my opinion are The main divide between successful traders and others.

The next step in the Forex course is specifically designed to deal with emotions and make sure that the results achieved in the previous step (stable results on the demo account) in this step will need to be traded using a real account but in limited amounts of money. Some brokers offer trading using parts of the lot, meaning that you can trade any amount you see (even cents). The most important thing here is that these emotions we talked about are always there as long as we risk real money. At this point, you will see if you feel comfortable trading with your system and if you are able to deal with it, remember that different trading systems lead to contradictory feelings. If you can achieve results similar to what you have achieved on the demo account. So you’re ready for the next step. If you do not achieve this, then you may need to create another trading system as the chances of your trading system being ineffective remain. If you achieve steady profit at this stage, you can achieve similar results in the next step and on the other hand if you do not achieve good results at this stage you will probably not achieve satisfactory results in the next stage. Always remember that you need to do things properly and remain true to yourself.

The last phase of the real account trading with the use of sufficient funds if you reached this stage after you successfully passed the previous two stages, then you have the opportunity to succeed and all you have to trust yourself and your trading system after your Epix Trader strategy has achieved profitable results in a stable and therefore you have all the factors Which make you confident in your success. A limited number of traders fail at this stage (if they have successfully completed the previous stages)

Success in Forex trading is never an easy task as it requires a lot of work, perseverance, discipline and learning. By completing the steps outlined in this article you will have the ability to generate profits and good results in the Forex market. Repeat it again, you must be honest with yourself about the results you achieve at each stage. Sometimes you may need guidance from an expert on developing your trading strategies and systems.

Stop-Loss? I Don’t Want to Use It

Last week I reviewed an Internet site that had a program to provide trading recommendations for those investors who did not want to engage in confusing market analysis. However, they respected them because these services would usually give them more time to do more important things in their daily lives. But the really interesting thing was that most of the recommendations providers do not put stop points on their Monaco Treasure Review Trading signals. Do they do this because they think they are right all the time? Or because they never lost half their trading account with an unexpected market move of 200 pips in one deal.

However, the answer is that most of them have between 1000 and 5000 points of open positions according to their recommendations and so they practically can close the losing positions immediately and open instead. Also I must mention that they use some trading systems called hedging and frankly I do not want to Many argue about whether they are right or wrong in this. I’m talking absolutely about day traders who face big selections with the market daily.

Monaco Treasure
Monaco Treasure

Sometimes, I do not understand how a trader can be comfortable without putting a stop to loss while we see almost every month leaps in the market unexpected or calculated (I can call it the best test for those who do not feel comfortable with stop loss).

There are no specific rules for the best position to place a stop loss order. Therefore, you can consider the tips listed below as a general rule, while you can ask your teacher about the rules of placing loss orders that you can trust and most importantly be suitable for your trading system (if you already have a system). ).

Many losing traders place the same stop loss orders for all trades they execute without even trying to measure the market environment.
Do not be afraid to place a stop loss order while it is in your favor just as you should know the profit targets.
A stop loss order should not be too close to the current market price because most Stop Loss traders have already destroyed their trading accounts by using very close stop orders.
A stop loss order should not be too far from the point where you entered the trade, while it would be best not to place stop loss orders if you place them in an area that is difficult to reach.
Try not to risk more than the points you expect to win. Professional traders recommend opening positions that have the potential to earn two points of potential profits versus one point as a potential loss, but I would say that it depends entirely on the capital management system you use, because different capital management systems give different risk and return rates.
Sometimes the Monaco Treasure Review trading system may not be valid if you risk more than the recommended 7 to 10% of your account balance. This means you are trading more than the required size or you entered the market while others were preparing to leave. In this case, this will not be your fault but it will give you a clear message that “Do not trade this way anymore and consult an expert to solve the problem”
If you are convinced enough that you can win a million dollars from a $ 10,000 account by not using Stop Loss orders because you think you are the person who knows that the price will retreat from its bullish path instead of recording new highs, well, you are simply wrong.
Remember that there are no limits to the price of any currency in the Forex market. If you do not want to set predefined stop loss levels with your deals, please ask someone to tell you how to track a winning deal by using a “stop move”.
Be sure that it is better to lose one or two deals at a hundred points cost rather than sink into the latest deals that may cost you 1000 points.

How to determine the best stop loss?

Try using these tools to determine the best stop loss in accuracy:

Use the 10 pips above the initial point of the SAR indicator that appears above the candlestick for the long positions.
Note # 1: Keep in mind that you can only use ten points of the highest SAR as a stop loss point when you are in a sell position and vice versa.
Note # 2: Be aware that the level of stop loss you get from the SAR when it is very far from the point you want to enter the market. Well, that means you’re about to enter the market too late.
Use 10 pips above or below the top or bottom of yesterday if the market moves away, use the 10 pips above the top or bottom of the day as a stop loss for the long positions.
The use of 55 MMA and 44EMA muffing lines. You can place a stop loss at ten pips above one of the above mentioned lines depending on how you set the profit-loss levels for the long positions.
Note # If you are trading in a market breakout strategy you should be on the lookout for how to place loss orders for this quality and another method would be safer in this case.
Set the stop loss at 10 pips above the Bollinger Band or the lower upper range of the long positions.

If you use Elliott Wave Theory to analyze the market:

# Put the stop loss at 10 pips below the 2 point of the second wave in the uptrend when you buy on wave 3.
# Set the stop loss 10 points below the 4th wave point when you buy in the fifth wave.
# Place a stop loss at the top of the bottom of the previous wave bottom when you sell or buy based on A-B-C correction waves.


The suggestions above are based on the four-hour framework.
These methods used to identify stop points were good with me but that does not necessarily mean they will work with you. Ask your teacher or friend who has the experience to assess the likelihood that these suggestions will fit into your Tadawul strategy.
Ten points because sometimes the price tests the support or resistance levels more than touching them.
Do not forget that stop loss is not a simple game. It is not an option available to you; it can be said to be a “necessity” and will protect you when it comes out of your hand, so update your information in this regard.
You can direct questions directly to my email, I will try my best Monaco Treasure Review to give you the best possible answers. good luck.

11 Must-Have Forex Tools For 2017

Forex tools provided by Infinity APP here can help you with both technical analysis and capital management, which greatly enriches the results of your business. All of these tools for Forex on the Internet are available free of charge and can be used at no cost:

Pivot Point Calculator – Four computers on the Internet for Pivot Points will help you generate points for any required time period. Pivot points are used as the most important points of the market direction as the trend often tests them as support or resistance before changing direction. The rules for building pepot points whether linear or Tom Dimark or Wadi or Camarilla are available through this free calculator. You do not need to download any software. Just fill in the form to get price levels for pivot points, support and resistance.

Calculator Point value – How much is the value of a single point? What about EUR / CHF and CAD / JPY? Using this free and fast Internet tool you can find the value of a single point in US dollars for any lot size or any currency pair, whether major or cross. Fill in the form and get the point value in one second. You do not need to download any software!

The Infinity APP
The Infinity APP

Vipo Nachi Calculator – Web Phi Nachi Web-based debugging levels will help you to generate Vipo Nachi basic bounce values ​​for any desired trend. These correction levels can be used as the most important points either as support or resistance to any given direction and also to any pair of currencies. In the forex trading market, using the Vaipo Nachi correction levels to place orders and targets is one of the best ways to organize a trader’s financial portfolio.

Trading Order Volume Calculator – Appropriate risk management strategy and capital management is essential in Forex trading. Without a valid trading volume, it is not possible to manage the risk of your trade. Infinity APP Calculator works with any trading account regardless of the currency used in it and also with any currency pair and according to any other factors.

Forex Rate and Risk Calculator – This online calculator will help you identify the risks and rewards associated with your potential trading goals as well as stop loss limits based on the Fibonacci retracement levels of the current wave.

Profit and Loss Calculator – A simple online tool to obtain the value of the percentage change in account size compared to the start balance when trading. You will also take a profit / loss recovery account in percentage points.

Forex Strategies – Free Forex strategies are available to all traders including strategies based on technical indicators, fundamental events and price movements. All forex strategies presented here are provided with examples and detailed explanation.

Hosting MetaTrader VPS – Dedicated hosting for MetaTrader trading platform (usually any other platform) with automated traders. Is a new way to keep your strategy active or active permanently and independent of your home or work computer.

Forex Report Analysis Tool – An easy-to-use way to analyze your trading reports produced by MT4, MT5 and the Strategy Lab. You provide detailed analysis of the results of trading strategies or Expert – with analysis of the times of breakdown according to the currency pair, time period and charts as well as calculating the probability of losing account balance.

Interest Rate Table – Interest Rate List by the major central banks in the world. Since 2000 for many currencies and beyond for major currencies. You can use key interest rates to evaluate long term trends in the Infinity APP Forex market.

Twitter as a Source for Fundamental Analysis

We will not be far from the truth if we say that at the moment there is no one who does not use social networks or has heard about them at least. Surprisingly, the enormous 140-character space marked a major turning point in how consumers manage their money, their businesses, Forex trading, and binary options. The Twitter social networking site allows users to share texts that are limited to 140 characters. More than 200 million active users produce about 400 million twitter per day. To learn how powerful Twitter is in the Profit Ball Review trading world, we recommend reading and reading this article to see the benefits and impact of this amazing Forex trading tool to make it as efficient an experience as possible.

Twitter Investors in Brief

In recent years, Twitter has been a major source of news, information and alerts within currency markets, where traders can identify and track fast and urgent news. Participants in the trading world use Twitter to keep pace with market developments and use news to make important determinations. Apart from simply detecting events, and adapting to this analysis, you can perform the fundamental analysis. The rapid reception of news and opinions about certain events as well as the market analysis can help to discover additional factors that would affect the rise / fall of the currency. Twitter allows traders to notify them about the emergence of certain trends within the market quickly and respond to them in the shortest period of time, which is important given the continued volatility in the economy.

Take advantage of Twitter trading opportunities

At the financial level, there are several ways to use this social network to help manage trading centers. Simply put, it is a platform that contains thousands of players who act as search teams without any cost. The question why not use that important tool for profit and increase your returns?

Through Twitter, you can track the latest currency movements and identify upcoming trends. For example, you read your news feed or survey emerging trends and observe expectations for upcoming news on New Zealand’s current account balance sheet data. Most forecasts show that the current account deficit will move from NZ $ 4.75B to NZ $ 4.0B at least. This analysis combined with the current GDP per capita report shows an increase in New Zealand’s exports that will lead to a direct appreciation of the currency. Profit Ball Review information allows you to open long positions on the NZD / USD prior to the general release of the data.


Through Twitter, you become aware of what people are thinking at the moment and what information they have that has turned and changed views on countries and currencies. By selecting search data such as “#NZD” or “#New #Zealand” you can see what investors are thinking and then catch ‘dodgy’ feelings about the currency of interest.

While you can follow the general herd vision on Twitter, it also contributes to a different view of the market as well. If you notice many positive reactions to a particular trading symbol or market, you may wish to withdraw money from the table and place it on the other side of the bubble being formed.

Optimize Twitter feeds

The real effort that needs to be made while using social media to invest is to find good content and apply it to the Forex trading strategies and binary options in the modern world, where fighting and ongoing war on spam and e-tricks, your Twitter experiences must be improved so that you Get the best and most productive information at the touch of a button. There are many recommendations on how to stimulate this research by following some of the tools for feeding commercial inks such as CNBC, StockTwits, or Benzinga. But many things depend on what you prefer and want on a personal level in the financial market. So Explore and be with the trend line in time to invest using deep analysis with the help of Twitter.

The ISM Manufacturing Index and the Economy

Since the Forex market is strongly intertwined with the state of the economy, most forex traders are constantly updated on the latest economic changes. In addition to the usual news forecasts on a daily basis, most forex traders use fundamental analysis or economic indicators to establish their trading strategy. One of the economic indicators commonly used by Forex traders is the ISM Manufacturing Index issued by the American Support Management Corporation.

It seems complicated.

ISM is not really complicated. The index mainly measures industrial production over a period of time. Although manufacturing is not a large part of the macro economy in developed countries, it still retains its status as an important economic indicator. This is because the ISM is based on production of industrial parts before goods sold. According to the economic term, this means that the ISM index is one of the leading indicators: it changes before the economy itself changes. If the index falls (manufacturing production declines), this usually indicates weakness in the economy. On the other hand, if the index rises (increasing industrial production), this probably indicates macroeconomic strength.

What does the ISM measure?

The ISM index measures manufacturing activity in the country. Is calculated as follows: 300 procurement managers across the country, representing 20 different industries, are interviewed monthly on total manufacturing activity. The indicator is divided into 9 sub-indices. We will mention the five most important Profit Ball Review indicators:

Price Index – gives information related to another indicator, PPI, which is one indicator of inflation trends.
Production index – relates to production figures.
Employment Index – Helps forecast employment figures in the manufacturing sector.
New orders index – predicts factory orders.
Supplier Delivery Index – helps predict future economic health by using estimates of future supplies.
What do the numbers of this indicator mean?

If the reading of the ISM is above 50, this indicates growth in the manufacturing sector or in the economy itself. On the other hand, if the ISM is below 50, this indicates a decline in the manufacturing sector or a contraction in the economy.

How does the ISM index usually come out?

ISM is issued on a monthly basis. On the first business day of the month, the figures for the previous month are issued.

How to Take Advantage of Forex News

The Forex market is the most volatile investment platform, meaning that it is heavily influenced by news from all over the world. As a result, learning how to take advantage of Forex news will enable investors to avoid costly trade mistakes and thereby improve their profitability. In fact, the ability to predict and analyze Forex News is what separates the professional forex investor from the other who is still a beginner.

Tips to take advantage of Forex news

The first thing you should keep in mind when trading forex news and 1K Daily Profit Login is that the news itself may be of limited importance. The most important factor here is the rolling analysis of this news. Remember that investors may draw different connotations from the same news. Since Forex news analysis is not objective, the safest way is to get an overview of the news and then draw your own signals. To Trade Forex news professionally, you can quickly review these news stories to assess their impact on price movements. Also keep in mind the potential for a change in direction that generally occurs when bullish news fails to push prices higher or bearish news in pushing prices down.

In addition to the above, in order to trade forex news as a professional focus on the issuance of news that have a great impact on the movement of the market. Do not waste your time in analyzing events that are not important even if they are linked to the Forex market. News stories with great impact are really what holds the greatest potential for:

Moving the market: Not all events are able to move the market. Note that the Forex market is sometimes driven by the morale of those present. As a result, insignificant or limited news reports may not have enough impact on changing the current trend in the Forex market.

Expected reaction: Based on feedback in the past, the publication of important news usually drives a certain currency pair to a number of predictable points. Thus, when you trade forex news it will be crucial to select the appropriate news releases for trading.

Targets that affect the price of major currencies such as the US dollar, the Euro and the Pound Sterling are also placed under the name of the most influential news. This is because the position and movements of these currencies directly and indirectly affect the value of other currencies in the Forex market.

While currency trading based on forex news is an excellent strategy, 1K Daily Profit Login is important to keep in mind that news related to the forex market often comes too late to avoid full benefit, often when ordinary traders have the opportunity to learn about economic news Importantly, it has been analyzed by many professional traders and financial institutions, which increases their vulnerability to personal and institutional biases.

$1K Daily Profit
$1K Daily Profit

How to Use Housing Indices in Forex Trading

As most forex traders use fundamental analysis in their trading strategies, the news of the good housing index currently being developed is widely echoed in the industry. So far, the housing index most commonly used by forex traders to predict future movements in the currency exchange rate is the S & P / Case-Stiller Home Price Index. This indicator monitors price movements and changes in the housing market in about 20 urban areas across the country. The indicator measures the average price changes in the resale property in these areas included in the index calculation. These indicators are published but with a two-month time lag. The new housing index (IAS360) was developed by a Denver-based company to give a broader and more detailed picture of house price changes in the US market.

Details of the IAS360 index

The IAS360 Housing Index addresses some inherent weaknesses in the S & P / Case-Stiller Home Price Index. This new indicator analyzes changes in housing trends at a deeper and wider level (360 districts with 30 reported indicators). This extended picture of the real situation becomes extremely useful especially in times of recession as it gives indications about corresponding moves in emerging markets. For example, when using the IAS360 housing index, some markets that have not been analyzed by other S & P / Case-Stiller indicators may show real growth, which in turn may indicate renewed growth that may support the overall market which would have been overlooked By housing indicators that are limited.

Average selling price

IAS360 analyzes data based on the average selling price while other indicators analyze the data based on average selling prices. The middle price method (taking the middle price between the upper and lower prices) which gives a more realistic picture of the average price of sales since it does not care about the high and low values ​​of the prices of sold homes.

Release the report in time

Timely reporting is crucial in determining trends and then informing investors when they can invest in ArbiCash System markets. Unlike the 2-month lag with the S & P / Case-Stiller index (for example, May figures released in the last week of July), the figures for IAS360 are issued with a one-month lag (eg, May figures) Issued at the beginning of July). With the release of the report early it is more appropriate and gives the investor the opportunity to make better trading decisions.