Factors That Affect Search Engine Ranking!

Factors That Affect Search Engine Ranking! After a long absence from blogging since writing the last article about e-marketing today, I return to you a very important and dangerous article for anyone interested in improving your search engine position, especially Google search engine, through a set of tips to raise the confidence of Google in your 7FigureCycle site to trigger the results of search engines quickly, especially if Your site was completely new.

When you create a new site you rush to write the first post on the site or to create the main pages that target the front page in Google on the keywords targeted, but before that you have to grow to some important things before starting to create pages, including:

7 Figure Cycle
7 Figure Cycle

Select sections of the site

When creating a new site, it is important to determine which site sections fit your site’s activity and how it will work in the future to develop the site and the good sections that are related to the content of the site. For example, if we talked about the Prince of e-marketing, we find that the sections are:

E-marketing – the most important component of the site and must create a special classification by inserting all the pages of the site associated with electronic marketing.

Seo page – the page related to the Seo department, which is a part of the electronic marketing departments and associated with a part and so it was necessary to work on the section of SEO on the site to write articles on education Sio.

Profit from the Internet – an important part associated with the word marketing E-mail strongly Everyone looking for e-marketing also looking for profit from the Internet.

There are other non-important sections in the site, which put a variety of articles, which is no less important than the previous sections, the process of choosing the sections of the site is a necessary process calculated by paper and pen when starting.

Complete WordPress Processing (Site Control Panel)

Before writing the first post on your site or creating the first page you must equip the control panel first and start to install the correct settings for the site and create files sitemaps and submission to Google and the work of testing the speed of the site and the discovery of errors and through the tools of webmasters to search engines to add your site.

It is also essential to the content of the site site processing and delete words unrelated to the content of your site and add instead of the important words that will work on it, and do not forget to modify the logo and the addition of a professional logo and the device of hydraulic and billing in full and if there are articles or pages to delete delete them and remove them because Google may be archiving These pages are considered spam and harm your site.

Processing the pages of the media media and linking them to your site

It is not limited to the above mentioned, you must prepare all the pages of media media such as Facebook, Twitter, Anistecram and Google Plus and link them to your site, and you have to pay attention to the automatic publishing of all the pages in Google Plus because it gives my very high At Google search engine.

When you select the description for all pages on the MediaMedia you always rely on the description to be uniform in all the pages and if you want to change the change then on all the pages in the media media.

Start with the first page or article

When you start processing the first page you must first prepare the static pages such as Contact Us – About Us – Privacy Policy .. Etc., Getting rid of the basic pages in the site in the beginning makes you strongly focus in the next phase on the provision of useful content to Google and useful to the visitor in an orderly manner, Develop a clear plan to link your pages to each other through what is known as Ancore Text, which serves as an internal backline.

Do not start with what is important to you

Most of the site owners and blogs are starting to write important blogs, especially on target words. Know that Google does not trust your site yet, but never the least important content and most important is to bring visits to those new pages on your site at intervals even if the number of visits A few, and then never publish new pages targeting the keywords to be caught in the search engines.

Study competitors and keywords in Google

There are tools and methods paid free to study competitors and extract the keywords they focus on, but one of the easiest ways to search for keywords targeted in the field of your site or your project is a keywordplaner tool, and there are other ways to search for keywords related to the content of your site, Search Google and you will find at the end of the search page in Google other words suggested, save these words that you will work in the text file and focus on them in the content of your site, especially the home page and the site and the stream of the site.

Regularity in creating new pages

Do not stop writing blog posts in your site and do not be afraid of it. Your site will not appear in Google unless there is a noticeable daily increase in the number of visitors and visits. You will only get fresh and exclusive. Always keep your site content fresh. Even old articles always update and add new ones. Out.

Practical tips

All of the above is a technical advice – what is in the next few lines is a step-by-step application tips until your site reaches the front page of Google.

First: Add your site to the directories of the global sites and high Altrathi and add your site to Elissa and Bing sites that send requests to crawl the search engines on your behalf.

Second: Add your site in the tools of webmasters in two ways www or without www and create a sitemap and submit it to Google.

Third: Publish the new pages in all trusted media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Templer, etc.

Fourth: Make a network of internal links by writing a new article and referring to the previous article or the previous page in the site either manually or by adding the property “may concern you too” and I recommend the first method manual because it achieves the highest interaction and the best results because it lies within the content.

Fifth: After a period of two months, never write new articles or create new pages and refer to the most important pages in your site, especially what you want.

The best 6 methods of online marketing

Internet marketing is an integral part of any online business, so we thought Lurn Summit would be useful to list some of what we consider to be the most important means and techniques of Internet marketing, which we use here in Digital Business.

Marketing through writing articles

Marketing via writing articles has many advantages. A well written and acceptable article that contains useful information that can attract hundreds of visitors. You can also get lots of external links to your site. As a writer, this increases the chances of people knowing you, and increases the chances that readers will read your articles in the future. Maintaining the length of articles in the range of 400 to 600 words and posting the article in your blog or other popular sites such as news magazines or technology will also increase your chances of success.

Lurn Summit
Lurn Summit

Video Marketing

Video marketing is now an important tool to reach wide audiences because most people prefer watching a video instead of reading an article. Making professional video will not cost you much. Tools like Animoto can enable you to create good and effective video with eCom Crusher presentation and sound effects. Then upload the video file to video sharing sites, such as YouTube, and remember that to improve the ranking of your video in search engines, put some keywords in the title and description.

Marketing of elephants

Avalite marketing is when someone outside the company markets products and services by writing articles and reviews that promote a product or service in the name of the merchant. The most popular marketing opel programs include Amazon Store and Clickbank. From the point of view of online marketers, avallet programs are an excellent way of income. You can easily join such a program, choose the product or product you want to market and start promoting it using the link provided by the network. This link will contain a special number which will be used to track your sales automatically. The Company will then pay you a commission for each sale resulting from you according to the agreed percentage offered for that product in the manner you specify upon subscription. Clickbank gives the highest percentage of products available to it, sometimes up to 75% of the selling price. You can find additional information about the affiliation of Clickbank in other topics in this blog.

Marketing through social networks

Social media marketing means harnessing social media like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Apple, Delicious and LinkedIn, where friends exchange information, to market products and services. YouTube is the most powerful and important tool you can use to market your product. The advantage here is that when a large number of people arrive at the product and find it useful, you will be accepted as an expert in your niche. By the way, you will have a very fast growing up now, and you can get a large number of visitors on its way

Marketing through the Mandates

Cross-forum marketing can be very profitable if used properly. Users are usually in need of help. If you are accepted as an expert in your field, you can profit a lot because users feel comfortable buying your own products or using your services, thus increasing your revenue. Much more than the investment you make in terms of effort and time.

Email Marketing

Email is one of the best and most successful marketing methods ever. Although this technology is considered traditional today, it is still an effective means of marketing the products and services. Although many successful international companies may not use all of the above in their marketing programs, there is not one company at all that does not offer a subscription service in its newsletter which it uses to promote everything, including its pages on various social networking channels. The basic feature of the e-mail is that it facilitates the process of communicating directly with the marketed company and asking for its services or products or inquiring about Is Lurn Summit a Scam, that is, it is an effective means of direct selling. While other techniques are more related to the attraction and drag (to the company’s website) and the promotion and education of a product. The best companies to build a mailing list and email marketing are:


What do you think? Do you use other methods than what we have listed for marketing on the network? Share it with us We love to hear from you.

LearnBuildEarn Review Is Learn Build Earn SCAM Or LEGIT Program?

LearnBuildEarn Review Is Learn Build Earn SCAM Or LEGIT Program? The marketing function is also designed to motivate individuals in a society to purchase diverse products. [1] Marketing is also defined as a set of special activities in companies associated with the sales and purchase of products and services, including marketing to advertise the goods and then offering them to people for the purpose of selling them; Therefore, workers in this field are keen to attract the attention of the public through the use of all means and methods of advertising. [2]

Of other tariffs for marketing is an interactive process based on the pricing of goods and services; in order to promote them, and to achieve trade between traders and consumers, which contributes to the consumer’s desire to meet his needs and needs. [3]

Successful marketing methods

There are a number of successful marketing methods in the business environment of companies and institutions, the most important of which are: [4]

Promotional competitions: One of the most widely used marketing methods, learn build earn download the idea of ​​which is to support the brand in the company or product; by advertising a competition for the target audience. These competitions are linked to the promotion of purchase of products by the buyers in return for certain awards, and thus attracted their attention to the company and marketing them.

Social media: A group of websites within the Internet, which is a direct means of marketing and associated with potential customers, by working to communicate information about them and the company’s products within the social network and its means.

E-marketing is one of the most modern ways of marketing, and is often based on customers who have bought from the company for the first time. Personal information is obtained from them, and then new products are marketed to them. Cellular.

Marketing samples are free samples of certain products that are offered to potential customers to encourage them to buy basic products. Companies that work in the food and household industries usually rely on this method of marketing because they help attract a lot of people to buy their products.

Points of sale: Methods and strategies for the marketing and sale of products, and depends on the promotion of goods in the stores through the distribution of stores and grocery stores, which contributes to reach the target audience of customers the best and fastest possible means.

Customer Incentives: An incentive marketing method designed to motivate existing customers to participate in marketing by attracting new customers in return for rewards and financial discounts.

Learn Build Earn
Learn Build Earn Results

Marketing analysis

Marketing analysis is one of the important processes that support the marketing plan when designing and then applying it. The analysis depends on the following stages: [5]

Market segments: is the first stage in the marketing analysis, and objective knowledge of the means to assist in making profits, forcing companies to work on identifying market needs, and associated with individuals (consumers and buyers) who worked on a variety of values ​​around the sectors in the market, and examples automotive sector; it is keen interested in the evaluation of this sector to study a range of factors or characteristics; it is the most important of the degree of safety, vehicle speed, and value in the market, and other factors, so must manufacturers or imported cars to identify the various Z needs of the people N this sector.

Market outlets: It helps to divide the market into small groups, helps to identify where the target audiences are located, serves and supports investment needs, and identifies appropriate steps to start investing, often based on access to large outlets in the market; Which contains the largest groups of customers, which contributes to the provision of specialized services and products in the needs of those outlets.

Marketing to the public is the way that helps to study and analyze the increase in the number of private companies in one category of customers; that is, offering products and services that are similar to each other, leading to competition among them. By offering them special offers. Examples include telecom companies that have customer databases and seek to customize their own communications offerings.

The success of marketing within a commercial market environment depends on a set of strategies, namely: [6]

Special workshops in services and products: One of the tools that helps to identify the marketing team within the company on the nature of the work, and it is possible to hold these workshops in the main building of the company, or the use of a local educational institutions. One of the benefits of these workshops is to help target audiences to participate.

Co-operative Marketing: This is a session of definition sessions in the business environment, in which more than one company or organization participates in the definition of local business establishments, and a detailed explanation of the nature of all companies, which contributes to building a range of opportunities for cooperation and partnership.

Marketing based on charity events: Some of the strategies that some companies work to implement by supporting charitable activities and events contribute to a better definition of the press and the public and lead to new clients.

Blog Building: A new marketing strategy that helps attract a lot of people interested in learning about the services or products offered through the blog. Blogging on product and service related topics is an easy strategy to help connect with customers.

Marketing Objectives

Marketing seeks to achieve many goals, including: [7]

Apply marketing activities that include building public relations, promoting sales, distribution of products and more.

Support communication with consumers and build value for them.

Promote participation and cooperation between successful companies in society.

Spending money on advertising, and providing products that contribute to the needs of individuals.

Learn Build Earn

How to win thousands of sales on Amazon.com

How to win thousands of sales on Amazon.com is one of the largest sites to sell online on the Internet, a site trusted by consumers around the world.

It is available to Jordanians and fortunately they sell through Amazon.com and Jordan is among the only 4 Arab countries available to its residents to sell through the Amazon site.

Also available to you to sell any commodity in the Ryan Coisson The Infinity Code Amazon site and take a commission for sale and this is done by placing a declaration of any commodity or advertisement for shopping in the Amazon site in your site through banner advertising and if anyone clicks on your advertisement and bought from the site Amazon have a commission about 10 % Of product value or less.

It is also possible through social networking sites to your friends on Facebook, Twitter or chat sites or email to send your own link to shop through the site Amazon for people and if anyone clicking on your link and shopping and purchase from Amazon takes a commission.

You are here in this process need a site to place ads for your visitors to shop in Amazon or you can send your Amazon shopping link to people in chat and social networking sites.

Amazon sends you your commissions monthly on your bank account or on a cashier whose name Abionier can request and get you and link with Amazon and they will charge you commissions and withdraw money from any ATM.

The advanced or other way to profit from Amazon is to sell your goods on Amazon

The Infinity Code
The Infinity Code Results

How to sell on Amazon?

Basically you must have goods or merchandise to be offered for sale on the Mukaz Amazon.

The Infinity Code Reviews first step is to enter the Amazon.com Sellers Center and register the AMAZON SELLER CENTRAL account. You must put your address and phone number and connect the computer with a Visa or MasterCard card that can be used online. You can get these checks from the Housing Bank, Bank of Jordan or many other banks. Jordan.

The second step is to ask for the MasterCard card PAYONER, a card ATM can be ordered from Pioneer and after you connect to your Amazon account Amazon and every two weeks send your sales to this card and withdraw money from any ATM.

If you register a seller account at Amazon and Pioneer, ask for a card that they send to you by regular mail. It takes about one to two months. You can order it in DHL for two days at a cost of $ 40, but you can wait until you sell at Amazon and transfer it to your Pioneer account. Some of them are sent by DHL and deduct fees from your Pioneer.

Now after registering a seller account on Amazon displays your available goods of course there are some goods available for sale to new sellers.

Now in Amazon if the price of the commodity is lower than the others, you are the first choice for those who want to buy the same commodity. For example, if a 16gb is offered for sale, there are many who sell the same flasheh at a lower price than they are at the top of shopper options and sell more.

Note that you must sell original goods as they are in the Amazon models.

Determine the price and shipping costs and then display your goods after you sell a message that you sold a commodity take the details of the buyer and ship him the item at his address.

Note you can use a smart idea and a very clever secret What is it?

For example, if you offer a 64GB chip on Amazon and then buy it from a buyer from America or Canada, you buy the same flash from the AliExpress website at a little price at ALIEXPRESS and ask the seller from which you purchased the same bulletin on the site of Express to ship to the address of your customer who bought from you in Amazon.

This is why you sell Amazon its goods if someone buys you the same item from the Express site and asks the seller who sold you to ship it to your customer who bought you from Amazon then give a note that the goods have been shipped to your customer and put a tracking number the tracking number of goods given to you by the merchant you bought From the same flash in the site of Ali Express.

If you are selling in Amazon and who buys from you, you buy the same as what you sold in Amazon. You buy it from a website on your Express and make a dealer on the Express that sold you shipped to your customer who bought you from Amazon.

If you do not ship and do not tire just choose goods and good goods and good prices and in Amazon, provided that the same item is in Ali Express to buy from Ali Express in your turn and make it shipped to your customer.

So you are in the role of broker only do not ship but sell in Amazon and you buy the same item at a lower price.

This ensures more and very little profits.